Wednesday, October 30, 2019

13 Cakes of Halloween #12


In one room Mom is baking a cake 
for Dad's birthday. In the other room...

... Son is cleaning Dad's guns as a birthday present.
Whatever could possibly go wrong???

Oh right. That. That could go wrong.
An excellent reminder that guns are shit, folks. 

Thanks to everyone's favorite Final Girl Stacie Ponder for recommending today's Cake when I was trying to drum up more ideas -- I've never actually seen 1984's The Mutilator, which this is the opening scene for, but I'll sure as hell be watching it now. Stacie wrote up her thoughts on this slasher earlier this month at Final Girl right here. I'd of course seen the ridiculous poster and knew the film's hysterical tagline before, which is what it's probably best remembered for now, although I don't know about you but...

... I can no longer read the words "Bye Bye" without hearing them in Dennis Nedry's voice. "You didn't say the magic word, bye bye, bye bye, bye bye..." Perhaps that's just my own kink, who knows. Speaking of kinks...

... for all the poster's "girls in bikinis" show-offery a quick glance through the movie just now (it's streaming on Amazon and in much better quality than these gifs attest) shows that there's actually an extended sequence in the film where this very handsome blond jock type here is seen scampering around half-naked while being stalked after a skinny-dip in the local Pool of Doom. Okay, I don't know that it's actually a "Pool of Doom" since this character doesn't actually die in it... I admit it, I just wanted to say "Pool of Doom." Pools of Doom everywhere! Maybe I'll do a "13 Pools of Halloween" list next year. It'll reward us with more beefcake than cakes, at least.


Rhiordan said...

Dude is Morey Lampley -


Stacie Ponder said...

Huzzah, I say, for all these cakes. And huzzah for THE MUTILATOR! It's not "good" (like that matters!) but I do so love the off-brand slashers from that time period.

AE said...

13 POOLS OF DOOM sounds like a delightful midsummer diversion to me!

AE said...

13 POOLS OF DOOM sounds like a delightful midsummer diversion to me!