Monday, September 09, 2019

Who Wore It Best?

One of cinema's greatest current faces belongs to the French actor Pierre Niney. He was first brought to my attention thanks to the director François Ozon, that great wrangler of gallic faces, with 2016's Frantz. (Read my review here.) The latest issue of Citizen K magazine, seen above, is smartly taking full advantage of that face, swiping a page from the playbook of Jean-luc Godard's 1965 masterpiece Pierrot le Fou, which turned the also striking face (but for very different reasons) visage of movie legend Jean-Paul Belmondo that same bright shade of blue.

Pierre was kind enough to share a video of the shoot today via his Instagram, some of which I've giffed down below (just the blue-face parts!), but before we get to that I must naturally ask the obvious question...

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And now you may hit the jump for those gifs...

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