Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Patty's Grass Stache Gone Done Me In!

On Friday I shared with you Netflix's forthcoming schedule of scary movie programming for the hallowed month of October -- which they've titled "Netflix and Chills" of course -- with an immediate focus on the Stephen King adaptation In the Tall Grass, starring Patrick Wilson and other people. Well now we have a trailer and as seen above -- if you're still capable of sight that is -- we now know it actually stars Patrick Wilson's Mustache, other people be damned. 

Sweet gravy train into the stars take me home, I have found my perverted religion at last. Build me a mustache shrine the sign of Altoona, stat! Ahem. Whilst I'm off fiddling with that, and other such, In the Tall Grass is the first of Netflix's many October scares in store, and hit the streamer in just two weeks on October 4th. Here's that trailer:

1 comment:

JJ said...

i have jerked off way too many times thinking of him when i was a teenager, and now with this stache it seems i'll be able to keep doin' it as an adult