Friday, September 13, 2019

Maybe He'll Eat Somebody Along the Way

I used to be much more excited by the name Alexander Payne than I am these days -- it's been twenty full years since he made a movie (Election) that I love unreservedly (that said I do like Nebraska). Mostly the incisive snark of his early career, the stuff that I fell for circa Citizen Ruth, has morphed into maudlin smarm with time -- I mean The Descendants is entirely my kryptonite. But he keeps getting great actors to work for him and pulling me back, and so it goes with his newly announced project, which will apparently star no less than Hannibal Lecter himself Mr. Mads Mikkelsen.

It's to be a road movie called My Saga that's based on the true story of a Norwegian journalist who traced the Vikings trek across the Northern United States for an article -- it sounds like they've already started smarming the story up as the script for Payne's version has the writer road-tripping with his teenaged daughter, and not the photographer that was actually his traveling partner in real life. I can see the quote unquote big feels coming already, sigh. But I'll be there for Mads, dammit.

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