Thursday, September 12, 2019

Lots of Privates on Display

Grab the biggest pistol within reach and ready yourself, for the second trailer for Midway is here! Roland Emmerich, gay director of Independence Day and Stonewall, has scooped up all the hot pieces -- Luke Evans and Patrick Wilson and Darren Criss and Nick Jonas and Alexander Ludwig and Ed Skrein...

... and Aaron Eckhart and Dennis Quaid and Woody Harrelson and a ton of young actors who I don't know by name yet but who will inevitably look real gosh darn cute in their WWII uniforms -- for his recreation of the famous battle, out in theaters on November 8th. The first trailer is at this link but you probably don't need that now, since here's the bigger one:

One thing I will add: did you catch the character posters?


Carl said...

Ed Skrein is pretty

The Bad-Ass Penguin said...

It's a veritable buffet of man-meats! Cured, smoked, gay...something for everyone on this table.