Wednesday, September 11, 2019

It's a Dark Fate For Everybody These Days

I'm real worried about Terminator: Dark Fate having its own, dare I say it, I dare, dark fate. There've been whispers of production troubles, and that first trailer was not the one. Normally I wouldn't care -- Genisys was so lousy and never showed us Jai Courtney's butt, thereby breaking my will -- but with Mackenzie Davis starring this time around, and with Linda Hamilton back, it's hard not to. Anyway I think the new trailer they released last week is a bit of an improvement...

... and not just because we get to see some of the lovely Gabriel Luna reenacting the infamous "I am here, I am deadly, and I am butt ass naked!" scene out of all the Terminator movies. So fingers crossed they can finally right this mangled franchise -- it started out so well; it deserves a fine finish. (Although who are we kidding, if this one is successful in any way shape or form there will be another Terminator movie out before we can say "Mackenzie Davis needs a vacation home in the Seychelles" two times fast. Dark Fate hits us on November 1st.



Aquinas1220 said...

when i was just a young-un, it was Robert Patrick in that police uniform that impressed me beyond naked butts

Anonymous said...

For me it was Robert Patrick naked that impressed me (although Michael Biehn in the first one is still my favorite).

Is Gabriel Luna a very Hollywood 6' or is he being shot to look smaller?