Wednesday, September 04, 2019

I Like Miike

The films of the Coens brothers are rich and complicated ones, but you nevertheless have got an idea in your head if I tell you that something is Coens-ish. There's a comic-violence caper-gone-wrong feel that you're feeling, right? Well in the past week I've seen a pair of movies that felt that feel too and decided to twist it up in their own complicated ways, ones that the Coens themselves haven't come up with yet, and here's the poster and the trailer for one of them. It's Takashi Miike's First Love, which is playing TIFF very soon and which will then open in NYC & LA on September 27th. 

First Love stars Masataka Kubota (who previously worked with Miike on the great 13 Assassins) as a down on his luck boxer who gets sucked via a pretty girl (Sakurako Konishi) into an underworld crime scheme involving lots of brightly colored characters and yes, stop me if you've heard this plot before but no, no, you have never seen this plot quite like this before, believe you me. It's Miike at his madcap-iest. Anyway I'll save all this for when I review the movie -- just watch the trailer for now!

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