Thursday, September 26, 2019

Good Morning, World

Matthias Schoenaerts gifted us with this picture yesterday afternoon and I tweeted it immediately, but since I'm not here this morning due to another NYFF screening (I'll be back this afternoon) I figured I'd share it again now because there's never not a right time for a bearded Matthias Schoenaerts half-naked on repeat. I think he's filming the new Terrence Malick movie right now, the one that has him playing Saint Peter, which probably explains the beard. The biceps though, those are all his.

Anyway for some wonderful reason Matty was listing off what I assume were some of his favorite movies on his Instagram Stories yesterday and I grabbed images of a few of the titles because what a perfectly lovely thing to obsess over for us obsessives. I didn't grab everything, this is just a selection, but a selection that proves Matthias Schoenaerts is worth the obsession y'all. He loves Lynch and Almodovar and Jodorowsky and Fassbinder and Andrea Arnold. (Andrea Arnold really needs to put him in her next movie, y'all.) He is perfect. And now I dream of the day I might  lay on a couch watching Eastern Boys with Matthias Schoenaerts. SIGH. I also love that he included one of his own films -- as well he should, since Bullhead is perfect.


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