Thursday, September 19, 2019

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

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Max: Do what Ruby Keeler would do!

Well that is actually terrible advice, since Ruby Keeler was a clomp-footed charlatan. But it is the model turned thinspiration turned actress turned America's Next Top Model judge Twiggy's 70th birthday today and so we're quoting Ken Russell's Busby-homage The Boy Friend to honor her -- it's one of her few movies roles so whatcha gonna do? Twiggy, by my recollection -- I haven't seen this movie in a bit -- was about as good a dancer as Keeler was though, so I guess the conflation's apt. That said we have always liked Twiggy way more than we've ever liked Keeler -- maybe it's that Twigs didn't push the acting thing too hard. What are your thoughts on Twiggy the actress? Here's some footage from this movie to cheer us all up:

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FieldMedic said...

That gif is how gay I am - or feel, lol.