Tuesday, August 20, 2019

You Should Find This Good Woman

Even though I didn't make it up to Montreal for the Fantasia Film Fest last month I managed to see quite a few movies thanks to the wonders of technology -- I rounded up the ones I reviewed at this link. But there were several I watched that I didn't get a chance to review, and one of those whaddya know was actually very very good and I wish I had reviewed it. It's called A Good Woman is Hard to Find and it stars an absolutely terrific Sarah Bolger (from that Mayans BC show as well as Into the Badlands) as a young widowed mother who gets sucked into a world of crime through bad chance, and finds herself going way above her pay-grade figuring her way out of it. (Psst shit goes wrong real bad.)

Oh and hey the film co-stars lil' Andrew Simpson, last seen by me as the teen boy who Cate Blanchett romanced in Notes on a Scandal! Remember that? Anyway the film doesn't have a U.S. release date yet but I think it will eventually, it's good enough that somebody should pick it up, but it is being released in the UK in October and they've given us our first trailer, so let's check it out shall we:

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par3182 said...

cate's teen lover plus the daughter from in america, all grown up

fuck, i'm old