Thursday, August 01, 2019

You Could Do Worse Than Looking At Idris

Having never seen a Fast Furious film you won't be seeing me at that Hobbs Shaw thing this weekend -- it took me awhile to even figure out it was a Fast Furious film in the first place -- but I will take this opportunity to highlight a couple of Idris Elba photos from his 2016 Interview Magazine photoshoot that I didn't highlight well enough when it originally came out due to that being a hell of a photoshoot and my eyes being all over the damn place. I mean, really.

Anyway that movie is the big expensive one of the movie weekend but if you're in a city I recommend you seek out two smaller and devastatingly excellent pictures instead -- there's Luce, which I reviewed here, and then there's Jennifer Kent's Babadook follow-up The Nightingale, which I haven't reviewed yet because I'm seeing it a second time tonight and wanted to do that before I wrote up my thoughts. I plan on trying to do that tomorrow though, even though MNPP is still on its Summer Fridays Off schedule. So stay tuned!

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