Thursday, August 15, 2019

Reflecting On Skin

Almost exactly five years ago I recommended the 1990 film The Reflecting Skin to you guys -- it was directed by the artist Phillip Ridley (who's only made three feature films in total. the last one being Heartless with Jim Sturgess) and it stars Viggo Mortensen and Lindsay Duncan, and it tells the story of a young boy (Jeremy Cooper) in the very rural American 1950s who believes that his neighbor (Duncan) is a vampire. 

That description makes it sound like a period-piece edition of Fright Night but it ain't that, not by a long shot -- it's elegiac and slow and very very strange, and I love the film dearly. Anyway it's a good time to love it because Film Movement went and put it out on blu-ray this week! You can pick up a copy at this link -- I recommend you do... and not just because Viggo is insanely beautiful (and naked, don't forget naked) in it either.

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