Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Lewis Tan One Time

There's an interview and a couple more photos of Lewis Tan over at Flaunt magazine today -- his new series (following the recent Into the Badlands, which was where he first caught my eye) called Wu Assassins hit Netflix this past week; did any of you watch any of it? I'm plowing through my beloved GLOW at the moment (I'm halfway through the finale!) so I haven't had time for anybody but Bash & The Gals just yet. Oh Bash. I mean as long as we're here and his name has come up we might as well look at him too for a sec...

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Blair said...

I’m almost through veronica mars for like the 5th time. Piz just kissed veronica. Then I’ll watch the movie and after that I’ll get around to watching the new season. As cute as Piz is, Logan will always win out.