Thursday, August 29, 2019

Good Morning, World

This morning we're wishing the film director Joel Schumacher a happy 80th birthday with a hint of Jason Patric In Lost Boys Goodness -- if you read that massive, and massively entertaining, interview with Schumacher at Vulture that was making the rounds earlier this week then you probably got the sense that he shared something in common with the rest of us sentient beings during that period which was a healthy crush on Jason Goddamned Patric. A'duh! I wanted to pick a quote from that interview to give "Quote of the Day" treatment but I was having trouble choosing just one -- it's one of those ones for the ages. So click on over and read the whole damn thing. True story: I was once at a party at Bret Easton Ellis' apartment and Schumacher was there! I didn't talk to him though. That's it. That's the story. All of my celeb stories (well, except for the Kevin Williamson one) end the same way. "I saw them across the room but didn't say anything." Funny that Joel didn't bring that up in his interview, isn't it? I'm sure it left a deep impression on him.

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