Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Good Morning, King Timmy

Timmy is a King of his word -- as he promised on social media yesterday we have the teaser trailer for his new flick The King this morning, and it looks pretty smashing and epic if you ask me (you probably shouldn't as I am way way biased but then, you're here, so you're already on the wrong path). The King is an adaptation of William Shakespeare's Henry plays (aka the Henriad, although it's left to be seen how much territory they're covering -- this all looks pretty early going given, you know, Timmy's twinkishness) that was co-written by Joel Edgerton...

... who yes, is also seen acting, and also co-written and directed by the great David Michôd of Animal Kingdom fame. (The movie, not the show.) The King co-stars a very blond Robert Pattinson and Timmy's supposed sometime paramour Lily-Rose Depp and Thomasin McKenzie (so great in Leave No Trace) and Ben Mendelsohn (so great in everything) and Tom Glynn-Carney (one of the Dunkirk Twinks!) and several more folks of note. But clearly we're here...

... for the Timmy. Correct me if I'm wrong but this is the first thing he signed on for after Call Me By Your Name really blew him up -- I know Beautiful Boy came in there too but I don't think he was quite King Timmy by the time he did that; anyway I'm curious to see how the weight of expectations have affected or not affected his work now, is my point. Here's the trailer:

The King hits Netflix... sometime this fall,
they're still being cagey about an exact date.
ETA they're now saying it hits limited theaters October 11th
and then will hit Netflix for streaming on November 1st.


Adrian C said...

It looks interesting, but mostly it looks beautiful. a bit dissapointed it's not rater R for nudity, but that's just me ;)

Jason Adams said...

Believe me that is NOT just you, Adrian