Monday, August 26, 2019

I Did It All For Antonio

Today's the first day I've felt Fall in the air here in NYC but we should nevertheless get ready to still be sweating come this mid-September because the Quad Cinema here has just announced they're doing a 12 film retrospective of Antonio Banderas, in which among other things they'll be screening several of his collaborations with Pedro Almodovar leading up to this October's release of their latest Pain and Glory. (Pain and Glory is screening at NYFF as well.) The ones I'm most excited to see on a big screen are A&P's first team-up Labyrinth of Passion from 1982, Matador from 1986, and 1987's Law of Desire -- they very rarely get screened. I actually got to see Tie Me Up Tie Me Down at the Quad several months back, which they're also showing again, and I highly recommend seeing it big -- man does it pop. The series runs from September 18th through the 25th, check out the whole line-up at this link -- there are lots of movies that aren't Almodovar too, even!

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