Monday, July 08, 2019

Which is Hotter?

It's only up for a couple more weeks (until July 21st) but if you're in New York I recommend you try to make it to the Leslie-Lohman Museum's "Art After Stonewall" show and really, the painting above is enough reason. There are other great reasons therein -- some Mapplethorpe, some Tom of Finland, some Alice Neel -- but Hockney painting Divine? Dare I say it? Divine.

Anyway seeing that painting inspired me to pick up John Waters' recent book anew, which I'd set aside for a bit because the thought of finishing it too quickly fills me with the dread of having to wait for the next one, and I read the chapter devoted to John's love for Andy Warhol. It's a terrific chapter (one of many) but there's a bit therein that especially stood out for me, because of personal interests -- John Waters names the two best male asses in all the movies. Calling it "the most important fact in this whole book" he states that Joe Dallesandro's ass is "the best one in movie history, even better than Bobby Kendall's in Pink Narcissus." And how can I possibly resist such an opening?

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