Thursday, July 11, 2019

Good Morning, World

There was some hullaballoo and a tad of a brouhaha on the Twitter last night (I know when ain't there one of those two things on the Twitter) when word went around that certain people somewhere had called the photos of Jason Momoa (see below) lounging around a pool on vacation this week "fat." I'm not even going to address that because it is, by account of my eyeballs, so patently absurd as to be an obscenity against the nature of truth itself. Also...

... while I have no doubt there's some jack-hole out there who said that sort of thing on the internet (you'll find anybody willing to say anything on the internet, as I am a great big red blinking arrow sign of proof of) I never saw the receipts of the person or persons who said this junk, so I don't have a specific target to lash out at. No...

... instead what I do have is the hour I spent googling pictures of Jason Momoa last night after his name came up, and those I shall now share with you this fine fair and beautiful morning. It's amazing, you take a few weeks off from googling Jason Momoa and there will be dozens of pictures you've never seen before just waiting to be discovered! He's one of our most generous performers. Hit the jump to revel in his generosity...

One last thing!
Is the below picture real...
... or is that photo-shopped? It looks real to me but I feel like if Jason Momoa had been wearing elaborate chaps in public at some point we'd have more pictures of it. We should, if true. WE SHOULD. 

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Sixpence Notthewiser said...

People are idiots.
People are idiot assholes when they’re protected by a keyboard and a screen name.
Calling Momoa’s awesomeness a ‘dad bod’ is nitpicky, stupid and frankly, unrealistic?
Do people know that he’s an actor and that part of his craft is to look the part of a super hero when he’s FILMING and then he goes back to being a human being?
Apart from that if everybody with a dad bod would have Momoa’s body I’d be walking around handing out IOUs for quickies. Really.
That is one beautiful man.