Tuesday, July 02, 2019

Far From Midsommar

I probably should have seen this coming and prepared for it but I've just found out I've got an extra bonus day of vacation this week, i.e. tomorrow, and so it seems MNPP will be probably mostly totally closed from right now this minute through Monday? Oh I suppose I might be inspired to write something by Spider-Man: Far From Home after seeing it tomorrow and peek back in for that, but my track record writing up Marvel movies isn't great so we'll have to see whether Jake's presence breaks that bad streak or not.

Anyway right here and right now this minute I'm off to see Ari Aster's masterful Midsommar a third time -- read my review here when you've seen it yourselves -- and I can and do recommend that. Indeed I could see more of a chance of me popping back in here to write even more about that movie this week than I could see that happening for anything else...

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[ joe ] said...

Here's that fake-almost-kiss video of Jake and Tom you were after, not sure if you've seen it yet: https://twitter.com/brucewoyne/status/1146349485829820416