Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

... you can learn from:

Manny: If my best friend hides his farts from me
then what else is he hiding from me,
and why does that make me feel so alone?

A very happy 30th birthday to Daniel Radcliffe today -- can you believe that Harry f'ing Potter is turning 30??? And not just in that Deathly Hallows epilogue sort of way or in that "Dumbledore's a homo!" reveal after the fact sort of way but in that very real, you could run your fingers through his three-decade-aged chest-hair right now if you could find him, manner? It's nuts. Nuts! 

Anyway besides lots of stage-work (which, granted, Danny seems to love doing) his movie career feels kind of in a weird noncommittal place right now, which is a shame -- I think he's turned into a fine talent (he was terrific in Kill Your Darlings) and I wish he'd pop up more often in movie things. Do you guys think his screen career will pick back up, or will he just have to coast on his Harry Potter millions for the rest of his poor life?


Adam807 said...

He's extremely delightful in that show about heaven on TBS that no one watched and I can't remember the name of it even though I did watch it.

Dave R said...

He's very, very wealthy now and I suspect he does something if he finds it interesting even if no one pays to see it.

Ryan T. said...

Yeah, he's great in MIRACLE WORKERS. More people should've checked out that show. Though it did well enough that they ARE doing a second season of it.

I like that he has been experimental in the kinds of roles he's picked up since Harry Potter. He's still plenty young and at the very least it seems he still loves acting (see Broadway).

Anonymous said...

He was in Australia recently filming a movie set in the 60s I think, smoking in his bonds tighty whities when he wasn't filming. Hopefully, that's out soon. I think hell be doing all sorts of projects for a long time, he'll be fine.