Monday, June 24, 2019

We Don't Deserve Her

Twas little miss Meryl's 70th birthday this past weekend and so in her honor we've devoted this week's "Beauty vs Beast" over at The Film Experience to her two dalliances with lesbianism (not counting that kiss with Cher in Silkwood it's just the two, right?) -- click on over to vote! In related news... actually a couple of things. One, can I just say that it's incredibly difficult to make it through a Monday each week without having seen the previous night's Big Little Lies? By the time I sit down to it tonight I'll have been inundated and influenced by countless memes -- so much screaming Laura Dern. That said, without spoiling last night's please, how are we feeling about BLL so far this year?
In other Meryl news if you're in New York the gayest thing you can do this Pride Week this side of sucking cock is go to the above mentioned screening tonight -- I am sure it'll be a hoot and a half. Two hoots, even. Happy birthday, queen.


Anonymous said...

She's a menacing bitch in BLL. Overall S2 so far is not as sharp as S1 in terms of dialogue but I find it more entertaining and the soundtrack each week is a blast.
Love all the girls - top-notch acting.

Pierce said...

I despise Meryl Streep. They give her awards and she thinks she can act. Overrated and all she does is make faces and speak in phony accents. They couldn't cast a British actress to play Brits Emmeline Pankhurst or Margaret Thatcher? The only thing she's good in is Death Becomes Her and that's because she relaxes long enough to make an ass of herself. Otherwise she's always busy watching her own performances. She never connects to the others onscreen and they act rings around her. Did you see Prairie Home Companion? I grew up near Oshkosh, WI and she and Lily Tomlin are supposed to be from there. Whatever the hell Streep thought she was doing, people in Central Wisconsin don't sound like that at all!

In general, if she's in a movie or a TV series or movie, I don't see it. I didn't see the above mentioned movies except for Death Becomes Her and Prairie Home Companion. Streep is the worst actress to appear in movies since Ginger Rogers or Loretta Young.

Anonymous said...

Season 2 is a little inconsistent. Episode 1 was fine, just getting back into the swing of things and adding Meryl to mix it up. Ep 2 was fire. Almost every scene is an explosion and a gem and justifies having a second season at all. And Ep 3 went back to meh were barely anything really happened.

The Bad-Ass Penguin said...

Damn, Pierce... don't hold back..let us know how you really feel.

PLL is ok this season...still an amazing ride to go on with these talented women. Kidman gives the most complex performance. Her therapist is a piece of work! Dern is hilariously over the top at times. I am impressed with Kravitz's progress as an actress. Adam Scott needs to show more skin... in general.. he's such husband material.