Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Good Morning, World

I assume, especially since Matthias Schoenaerts has never been someone who you could call shy -- click here for a fine example -- that the group prison shower scene in The Mustang that has all of the prisoners wearing white boxer shorts as they clean themselves is done for verisimilitude, and that this never-nude display is what's really happening in prisons these days. It's very "no homo" and I get it, situationally, but it also raises a lot of questions for me. Do they have a pair of white boxers that they set aside just for shower time? Like they get back to their cells and they hang their shower shorts up to dry and change into their day or night jumpers? 

I mean they can't be wearing these soaking wet underpants under their clothes all day. How many pairs of underwear do they get? You never see a chest of drawers in a prison cell all set for Mrs. Danvers to come in and talk about how see through the underthings are. That's a shame. More of that please. Good god I'm still talking. Anyway you should watch The Mustang. Here is my review of it from when it played cinemas -- it hit home video and such last week, you can pick it up over here. I recommend, it's one of my favorite films so far this year, even if it raises all these boxers questions I'll never have answered. At least until I go to prison, inevitably. 

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