Thursday, May 16, 2019

Which is Hotter?

I think it's kind of weird I couldn't turn up a photo of Saint Laurent actors Jérémie Renier, Louis Garrel and Gaspard Ulliel together except for that shot above -- you'd think even just being famous French actors whose projects besides have no doubt repeatedly overlapped there'd be more, but alas we'll make due. Anyway Bertand Bonello's sumptuous film of fashionable disco disarray is turning five years old tomorrow and if you've not been paying attention, well, we love it.

Here's our five year old sort of review -- weirdly that link is actually supposed to be a review of Abel Ferrera's film Pasolini, which fiiiinally got a release here in the US last week after a, you guessed it five year delay -- it was supposed to be a Pasolini review but I got distracted talking about Saint Laurent because s'so good. And even though I've written a lot about Saint Laurent ever since then that sort of makes me sad -- it deserves a proper review. I'll add it to the list! Until then let's be continue being basic...

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Adrian C said...

how can it be already five years of that!

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the scenes of To The Ends of the World with him again stark naked?