Thursday, May 16, 2019

Quote of the Day

Sure everything seems shitty right now, but there is a new John Waters book coming out next week so it's not, it's not all shitty, only... mostly shitty minus the John Waters book stuff. Mr. Know-It-All: The Tarnished Wisdom of a Filth Elder hits the stands (god that sounds antiquated -- the stands!) on May 21st, and Waters is doing the rounds (including a book tour, I'll be seeing him here in NYC!) and there's a brand new chat with him over at the Washington Blade very much worth checking. The bit I have chosen to highlight is the (depressing -- like I said, everything's shitty) bit he had to say about his Polyester star Tab Hunter:

"Well, he voted for Reagan, you know. He used to shock me. He was for Trump, too. He used to laugh when he told me, because he knew how crazy it made me. I love Tab. You know, that’s the thing. He was from a different era. Completely from a different era... I think was always a Republican. Oh yeah, he was in the closet forever. He had to be. It was illegal. You know. He was loved by every woman in America. It would have ruined his career. And he wrote about all that in his book... I stayed friends with him right up until the end. I just talked to his husband recently. Tab was great. He was a team player too. Lovely to Divine. Matter of fact, he liked the experience so much he went and made a movie with Divine afterwards, called “Lust in the Dust.”

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