Thursday, May 09, 2019

Two Strykes

I love that this post allows me to post a picture of Jeff Stryker -- I don't get that opportunity often enough! And I would say "it's the little things" but well it's Jeff Stryker we're talking about here, so that's not applicable. Anyway two new reviews of mine on films that played Tribeca just went up at The Film Experience, both documentaries which skirt around the subject of homosexual pornography (one even has an interview with Mr. Stryker himself) -- click on over to read my thoughts on Abel Ferrera's new doc The Projectionist, which docs a dude heavily involved in NYC's repertory business through the 1970s up to today, and also my thoughts on Circus of Books, a doc about that titular gay porn bookstore in West Hollywood. It's the latter that speaks straight to Mr. Stryker, and the latter which I recommend the most.

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Manny said...


For a split second it looked like Ansel Elgort and then started to spiral in my mind about a biopic of Stryker starring Elgort.

He'd get infinite brownie points for sure.

Ha, ha!