Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Seb & Edgar Get Their Spy Kicks

I don't think I've posted about this movie before, and it figures it'd take a couple of male actors being added to the female spy movie for me to bite -- the old news is that Jessica Chastain and Lupita Nyong'o and Penelope Cruz and Fan Bingbing are making a female spy movie together that's called 355. It will be directed by X-Men producer turned X-Men director Simon Kinberg, and written by one of the writers of the television show Smash. We knew all that. What we learned today is that Sebastian Stan and Edgar Ramirez are also joining the cast, and that predictably why I am suddenly here writing about it. I do my own thing! Anyway I know the assumption is that they'll be this movie's equivalent of the Bond Girls, or maybe Bad Guys, or possibly both of those things at once, but why can't they be a kick-ass team of homosexual spies slash lovers that help the ladies out? Why not, I ask???

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Deets said...

Why not, indeed?!?