Monday, May 20, 2019

Pics of the Day

Somehow this movie totally slipped by me -- that's Ryan Reynolds (in a really ridiculously bicep-friendly dress shirt) being dragged around at gun-point by Killing Eve superstar Jodie Comer on the set of their new film called Free Guy; see more pictures here. The reason this attracts my eye enough for a post -- besides Ryan's biceps I mean -- is that...

... besides these two adorable people the film also stars adorable Ragnarok director Taika Waititi and adorable Stranger Things actor Joe Keery, and once I am having myself an imaginary five-some with adorable people it merits mention. The film's based on a video-game about a dude who realizes he is living inside of a video-game, so basically it's The Truman Show meets eXistenZ... and yes the fact that both of those movies are 20 years old give some pause about the timeliness of this tale for the telling, but we'll see when we see. And hey if Ryan can kiss Joe or Taika (or both) I'll see for sure, is all I'm saying.

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Anonymous said...

So glad Comer is getting work! I can't believe how little attention she's gotten so far for Killing Eve. I mean, Sandra Oh is great but Comer has an incredibly difficult role and she's just brilliant in it. Plus she's young, beautiful and sexy so what gives, Hollywood? Hopefully she has better offers coming up than some probably-bad comedy with Ryan Reynolds.