Thursday, May 23, 2019

Joe Manganiello's Baseball Bottom

I'm a little bit hesitant to post this trailer for Joe Manganiello's Baseball Movie because man, it looks way more skippable than anything I'm calling "Joe Manganiello's Baseball Movie" should look. Anything I am able to call "Joe Manganiello's Baseball Movie" oughta look promising for the locker-room scenes alone! But there's nary a whiff of a jockstrap to be seen!
That said I am posting it anyways because the movie has "bottom" in the title, and Joe in a baseball uniform is still, all on its own, enough of a fetish object to gawk at for at least a minute or two. Watch:

Bottom of the Ninth (heh yup still funny) is hitting VOD and such on July 9th. And the rest of us can hit the jump for a couple of gifs and images I took from that trailer, along with a couple of new pictures of Joe in Men's Health magazine...


Heather said...

It looks like a made-for-TV movie, possibly Lifetime or Hallmark.

Jason Adams said...

Yeah it looks real real bad

Anonymous said...

The director and cinematographer look determined to not get even a hint of bulge in that shot of him in the gray sweatpants. Pass.

verbocity said...

but it's called BOTTOM of the Ninth!
and Denis O'hare is in it

and it's got Big Pussy too!