Thursday, May 16, 2019

Good Morning, World

I guess I totally forgot to write anything about this news -- Queer as Folk creator (the good QAF in the UK, not that American crud) Russell T. Davies has a new series for the BBC called Years and Years and it stars Russell Tovey (and Emma Thompson and Rory Kinnear, among others) and it premiered on Tuesday night. You know, over there. Don't know when it's hitting the US (ETA it's apparently an HBO show here in the US, and will premiere on June 24th!) but I watched it all the same and I am good and hooked one episode in. I hadn't watched any of the trailers beforehand so I had no idea where it was going at all, a feeling the show revels in -- I recommend going that route yourself. It surprised me. Anyway Tovey's playing gay again (thank god), which you'll seef below -- he gave an interview this week (thx Mac) where he talked about the "graphic sex scenes" and said:

“This is the world we're living in so we should be able to see this and your children should be able to... Everything has to be shown because, otherwise, if you don't show diversity, if you don't show gay sex, if you don't show men in love, or women in love, or whatever, then how the hell do you normalise it?” 

Hear hear, Russ. And in the spirit of his wise words let's normalize it some more right here after the jump with more gifs (although there are spoilers so keep that in mind)...


DCameron said...

The wonderful Anne Reid is in it too? I've got to see this!

Anonymous said...

the actor who plays viktor is gorgeousssss