Thursday, May 02, 2019

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

... you can learn from:

Private Life (2018)

Sadie: Oh, my God, look at us.
We're like an ad for assholes.
Rachel: You mean we're assholes,
or we're part of an ad that's targeted to assholes?
Sadie: No, it's just that whole... people with cappuccinos
in their lofts, with their laptops, dogs, with messy hair.
You know, that whole fantasy. It's not your fault.
You guys are authentic and real, you've just been
co-opted by cultural mechanisms that create desirability.
I took a media and consumer society course.
It was pretty life-altering.

A happy birthday to the great Tamara Jenkins today, whose Q&A at last year's NYFF for this film was one of the hilarious highlights. (See some pictures here.) You have watched Private Life by now right? It's one of the movies I felt most guilty about just missing my top films of 2018. Go watch it! Very good! Here is my review. Hope you're hard at work on the next movie, Tamara! Well perhaps you can have today off. But tomorrow! Tomorrow you work!

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