Monday, April 01, 2019

The Boomerang is Back

Any week with more than one Jai Courtney bit to it is a not bad week and here as of Monday we've got two, two bits, so we're doing okay already. First off the obvious has been announced -- Jai will be back for the Suicide Squad sequel, reprising his role of the Aussie-Battler Captain Boomerang (thx Mac). I don't think anybody ever doubted this -- Suicide Squad was garbage but Jai was one of like less than five things in Suicide Squad that were not garbage, so they'd be insane not to bring him back. But then they released Suicide Squad in the state they did so they might be insane people. I'm still angry at them for using pictures of Jai in his underwear (or less) to sell the movie and then cutting all of that out of the final film though. Still angry here, DC! Although... the fact that they hired Idris Elba to replace Will Smith, well... I'll allow it.

The other Jai Courtney bit of the day is less a bit than a reminder -- his film Storm Boy, a remake of a beloved Aussie children's film, is hitting some theaters here in the US this weekend, I guess! It's supposed to be playing in Times Square here and NY and at a theater in LA too (with plans to expand from there) last I heard. And I never got around to posting the film's trailer, so here's that:

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Matty said...

Would really love to see Jay Hernandez come back next since he was the highlight of the first Suicide Squad for me.