Wednesday, April 03, 2019

Let's Die Young Together

Last June I posted the first teaser trailer for Nicolas Winding Refn's forthcoming series for Amazon called Too Old To Die Young but when I went back and looked at that post recently (around the time we learned that it is ten episodes of ninety minutes each!) I discovered that video was kaput! So this is nice -- we now have a real trailer! 

And it looks goddamned stunning. Refn is as good with color as Park Chan-wook is good with color which is a compliment and a half -- his neons make my cells tingle. 

Admittedly I'm a little wary of it starring Miles Teller but with a cast that also includes John Hawkes and Jena Malone I'm willing to set aside my dislike to him long enough to see Nic uses him. Watch:
Too Old To Die Young premieres on June 14th. 


Adrian C said...

it looks so beautiful yet I hate whatshisname's stupid ugly face so much it almost ruins it. I'll watch the first episode with the hope that the show is so good that it won't matter so much.

Basti said...

i simply can't seperate the actor from the role he plays in my mind. whenever i see his face i instantly think about his douchyness and what a real moron and unlikeable person he is in real life ...

Jason Adams said...

LOL I love you guys -- I can't with Teller either.

But I love Refn too much to ever even consider skipping this. So we will have to see!

indifferent pointy guy said...

Independent of our feelings about Teller, can we acknowledge that Refn has LIT THE FUCK OUT OF HIM. Teller has NEVER looked this good.