Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Good Morning, World

I never did get around to seeing the 2011 film I Melt With You even though I did know that it supposedly features a lot of homoerotic bonding between Thomas Jane and Rob Lowe, as documented in this post here. Did any of you ever bother? I am reminded because Mr. Jane shared the above set photograph on his Instagram today, and that's the kinda thing that jogs one's memory. And speaking of jogging...

... the entire movie is streaming on Tubi for free and I clicked onto a random place in the film and I just happened to land right square in the center of the beach-jogging and stripping and skinny-dipping scene, because I have superpowers apparently, and this is my superpower -- I can find ass faster than a speeding bullet.  (It's around the 21 minute mark if you'd like to watch it yourself.)

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