Friday, April 12, 2019

Good Morning, World

Much thanks to Spanish actor Daniel Grao for making this morning's :"Good Morning" post hella easy with his last night's Instagram post -- I don't really understand why he was going to be with it so bright outside but who am I to judge? This reminds me though, since Grao makes me think of Julieta and Julieta makes me think of Pedro Almodovar -- did any of our Spanish readers see Pedro's new film Pain & Glory? It came out in Spain a couple of weeks ago (here is the trailer if you missed it) and I never looked around to see what the Spanish reaction was. It doesn't hit the US until November -- I am guessing it might maybe play NYFF, given that timing and his close relationship with the fine folks at FSLC (he's part of their big 50th Anniversary Gala at the end of this month that I will totally suck dick for a ticket to).


Peggy Sue said...

Full frontal. The guy is César Vicente.

Carlos said...

I wasn´t planning to give his tax-dodging ass any more money, but since I´ve got a card which allows me to watch a lot of movies I gave it a shot. It´s split in two halves: one of them has a very neorrealistic feel -think Volver toned down- where you can see his childhood, the discovery of the homosexuality, and the second one is Bad Education all over again. The first one is kind of interesting but the second one is self-indungent and very boring. Banderas performance is a mess, I don´t even know what the hell he was doing. I also find this concept of talking of "masterpieces", calling himself master -through the Banderas character, that is- completely ridiculous. Talk about ego lol.

Anonymous said...

^ self-indulgent as in your comment?

It's really gooood, like all the pieces of his previous films came together in an organic way, through his life. I don't tend to like Banderas, neither his performances nor his persona, but he got me surprised and I bought his performance from the very beginning. The scene stealer, apart from the full frontal Peggy Sue mentions ;) is Julieta Serrano, the insane lady in pink in Women on the Verge.

And there's some Banderas-Sbaraglia face eating

Noecitos said...

I completely agree with Anonymous in all accounts.

I would also add that Penélope Cruz and Asier Etxeandía are very good as well, the music is incredible and everything looks so gorgeous. One of his best, for sure.