Monday, April 08, 2019

Getcha Gay Stuff Here

One of this year's best films which probably didn't make it to your local theater, given the state of this sad world, is Yann Gonzalez's gay giallo Knife + Heart -- you can read my review from the Brooklyn Horror Fest right here. It's been playing here in NYC for several weeks now but according to Box Office Mojo it never got into more than six theaters in the country so I don't blame you if you missed it! But your time to shine is not that far off! The blu-ray is now available for pre-order, it hits the streets on June 4th. If you've ever believed a word I have ever said about anything then hear me now -- you should see this movie. It's strange and sexy and it  has a lushly transfixing score from M83 and it co-stars recent gratuity recipient Felix Maritaud (not to mention the well-mustached porn actor Pierre Emo, seen above with Felix)... what more could you even want?

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Rob91316 said...

Got to see it during it's run here in L.A. and it's DEFINITELY one of the best cinema experiences of recent memory for me.