Wednesday, April 17, 2019

David Harbour Four Times


David shot for British GQ (via) -- they feel very High School Portrait circa 1994 don't they? Anyway I guess if I wanna see Hellboy I better be quick about it, given how very very poorly it did this weekend with both critics and the box office. I know I shouldn't given what I read -- how it apparently got yanked out of Neil Marshall's hands (he's the only reason I wanna go) and butchered by know-nothing producers -- but I'm still holding out hope it's secretly worth seeing. So many people had their knives out when the thing was first announced, given the abandonment of Guillermo Del Toro & Co. Did any of you actually see it?

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carlwboyd said...

Yes. There are a number of good individual elements (Harbour, makeup, giants, fight scenes) but somehow the whole ends up being less than the sum of its parts. A lot of the dialogue is so corny as to be painful, and it ends up feeling like an unnecessary and cheap knockoff of the del Toro original.