Thursday, April 04, 2019

Avan Jogia One Time

Have you guys finished Now Apocalypse yet? If you have shut your goddamned mouths, cuz I haven't! I had screeners for the first five and watched them in a hurry well before any of the episodes aired on Starz, but now that we've all got access to the entire season I feel like taking my time and savoring the rest of them since who knows when (if) the show will come back. Anyway this shot of our boy Avan is via Attitude Magazine -- they have some quotes from him about how he doesn't like sexual labels yadda yadda et cetera and so forth... ahh the fascinations of youth.


Anonymous said...

I'm about halfway through. Does this show have a point? Or a plot at any point? Because, you know, Beau Mirchoff taking clothes off regularly is wonderful and all, but, why else am I watching this?

mjbthird said...

It’s a guilty pleasure for me. I think it’s dreadful and the acting terrible but I love it all. I find all the actors/characters strangely endearing. I watched 2 episodes every night and only two more episodes and have 2 left. I am in love with Avan!

The Bad-Ass Penguin said...

It warms my heart that Dr Martens are back.

Jason Adams said...

Either you vibe on Gregg Araki's wavelength or you don't -- I get people who don't, really and truly, so I'm not saying you're excluded from some elite group of people or anything. I just love the pointlessness, the camp, the sex, the goofiness, the feeling his work gives me. It's all a particular preference. I think even he knows he's not for everybody -- this show leans HARD into all of his obsessions and I love how far Starz let him go with it. Nobody else could have made this show.

It keeps making me miss my Doc Martens! I keep trying to remember what happened to them -- I think they must have just turned to dust around my feet I wore them for so long.