Monday, March 11, 2019

Yesterday Apocalypse

Did anybody watch last night's series premiere of
Gregg Araki's Now Apocalypse on Starz?
If so tell me your thoughts so far in the comments!


Tom M said...

I think that first image got me pregnant. Thanks for the warning.

Jonathan said...

As someone who was obsessed with The Doom Generation in college it was everything I had hoped for. A friend of mine handed me the dvd and was like, "just watch it." We even went to go see Prom Night on opening day. Just to see Johnathon Schaech on the big screen.

Bill Carter said...

Watched about half of the first episode last night, and found it mildly amusing. Maybe I'll watch the second half someday.

Following the Tucker Carlson fiasco was much more fun, and listening to Peter Buttigieg during the CNN Town Hall was seriously inspiring.

PS My eyes aren't good enough to do the damned picture reCAPTCH in fewer than five tries, but I swear I'm not a robot. Frustrating.

Adrian C said...

i saw it and thought it was... not great. but it shows potential! so i'll keep watching.

Anonymous said...

It was bona fide Araki and I fucking loved it.