Wednesday, March 06, 2019

The Apocalypse is Now... in Four Days

Gregg Araki's hilariously hot Now Apocalypse premieres on Starz this Sunday night! If you happened to miss the trailer we posted way back when watch it here. Reviews have been popping up all this week but none that I've read have really gotten to the heart of how much fun I found its first five episodes -- it's a bite-sized grab-bag of all Araki's films, from the stoner-bliss of Smiley Face to the day-glo sexual spasms of Kaboom to the acid-tongued slacker ennui of his "Teen Apocalypse" trilogy; it's Nowhere shaved down to an episode of that Archie show, basically. It's a blast and I want it inside of me for many, many weeks. It's the gay ass content I need in 2019.

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I wanna read your review