Friday, March 29, 2019

Rendezvous With Diane

I haven't seen either of the big new movies in theaters this weekend yet -- that'd be Tim Burton's Dumbo and Harmony Korine's The Beach Bum -- although I'm hoping to carve out enough time to do that in between Tribeca screenings. But I have seen one of the smaller movies out this weekend! One that I can definitely recommend. I saw director Kent Jones' Diane -- starring veteran character actress Mary Kay Place as the small-town mother of a small-town drug addict (played by veteran hey-it's-that-guy Jake Lacy) -- at Tribeca last year and it was one of the best movies at a very stacked festival. Here's my review, and here's a choice bit from my review:

"Jones' camera mostly keeps its distance, shooting these places and faces with a true Northeastern respect-my-space familiarity. For her part Mary Kay never goes for the jugular with any of the material, knowing full well how to make us lean in and feel something just by virtue of her beautiful stillness."

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