Thursday, March 07, 2019

I Think They Got My Number

Tonight I'm seeing a new movie by one of my favorite working directors that stars one of my favorite working actresses... so why am I so nervous? Well because it's that favorite director (Sebastián Lelio) remaking one of his one films (Gloria from 2014) with an actress (Julianne Moore) that I'm worried is maybe miscast, is why. The original Gloria, which I just called one of my favorite movies of 2014 earlier this week, starred the lovely but decidedly un-supermodel-adjacent Paulina García.

And García's convincing forgotten-woman-ness is integral to that movie's success. I am just worried that my Juli is too utterly devastatingly gorgeous for this role, is all! But the reviews have been good and Lelio has yet to make a false step if you ask me, so I hope, I hope, I hope that my fears remain unfounded. I guess you'll know how I feel tomorrow, probably! Here's the trailer:

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par3182 said...

relax, she's wearing glasses...