Tuesday, March 05, 2019

10 Off My Head: Siri Says 2014

Since I do these "Siri Says" posts less frequently as of late I keep feeling the need to reintroduce the concept of them when I do, so here's the quick gist -- I ask the Siri lady on my cell phone to pick me a number between 1 and 100 (I usually have to do this several times now since the pickings are getting slim at this point) and whatever number she gives me I then choose my favorite movies from that random corresponding year. Well today Siri picked a good one on her very first try -- Siri gave me "14" and so now we're going to choose favorites from the Movies of 2014

Why is 2014 a good pick? Well these movies are all celebrating their 5th anniversary this year, first off. But even better -- I never made a list of my favorite movies of 2014! Our so-called "Golden Trousers Awards" skipped that year for some reason that I can't now recall -- I think I was just burned out. Having just done our most recent edition a couple of weeks ago I get that inclination -- it's a lot of work. But now with five years of hindsight I think I can manage. A quick version, anyway. But instead of just the usual Top 5 I will give y'all a Top 10, and bonus of bonuses, instead of just a random Top 10, I will actually order them. Will wonders never.

My 10 Favorite Movies of 2014

(dir. Ira Sachs)
-- released on August 22nd 2014 -- 

(dir. Wes Anderson)
-- released on March 28th 2014 -- 

8. Gloria
(dir. Sebastián Lelio)
-- released on January 24th 2014 -- 

(dir. Ruben Östlund)
-- released on December 30th 2014 -- 

(dir. Bong Joon-ho)
-- released on July 11th 2014 -- 

(dir. Olivier Assayas)
-- released on July 9th 2014 -- 

(dir. Bertrand Bonello)
-- released on September 24th 2014 -- 

(dir. Dan Gilroy)
-- released on October 31st 2014 -- 

(dir. Jonathan Glazer)
-- released on April 4th 2014 --

(dir. Jennifer Kent)
-- released on November 28th 2014 -- 


Runners-up: Lilting (dir. Hong Khaou), Neighbors (dir. Nicholas Stoller), Edge of Tomorrow (dir. Doug Liman), Wild (dir. Jean-Marc Vallée), Gone Girl (dir. David Fincher), Frank (dir. Lenny Abrahamson), 99 Homes (dir. Ramin Bahrani)...

... Selma (dir. Ava DuVernay), Beyond the Lights (dir. Gina Prince-Blythewood), Unfriended (dir. Leo Gabriadze), The Boxtrolls (dir. Stacchi), Paddington (dir. Paul King), Kingsman: The Secret Service (dir. Matthew Vaughn), Mommy (dir. Dolan)...

... The Look of Silence (dir. Oppenheimer), Obvious Child (dir. Robespierre), Appropriate Behavior (dir. Desiree Akhavan), Captain America: Winter Soldier (dir. Russo Bros.), Lucy (dir. Luc Besson), '71 (dir. Yann Demange), The Guest (dir. Adam Wingard), Godzilla (dir. Gareth Edwards) 


What are your favorite movies of 2014?


joel65913 said...

Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Life Itself
The Imitation Game
The Water Diviner
Date and Switch
Gone Girl
The Hundred Foot Journey
Elsa & Fred
Guardians of the Galaxy

Jason Adams said...

Oh sad I forgot about Pride! Love that movie

triggerua said...

Just going off of films you listed I would say Wild would top my list. I was surprised how moved I was during and after. One thing I remember about it was there was a song that kept playing throughout in a dream like trance that would start and stop as if her mind was trying to get it right. Something like that. I just remember feeling like I had been covered with a lead blanket of melancholy.

Calfcake said...

My favorite films of 2014:
1. The Fault in Our Stars
2.The Grand Budapest Hotel
3. Guardians of the Galaxy
4. Into the Woods
5. Kingsman_ The Secret Service
6. Star Trek Beyond