Wednesday, March 06, 2019

Good Morning, World

I was simply going to wish the actor Martin Kove, who everybody my age knows as the evil karate teacher in The Karate Kid, a happy birthday today -- he's either turning 72 or 73 depending on which year is right on IMdb (it shows both!) -- but then I stumbled on...

... this exceedingly gay scene in his Very Very Late 80s Action Flick called Steele Justice, which sees him playing John Steele, an "ex-cop and Vietnam vet who is determined to bring down Kwan, former South Vietnamese general and now rich and powerful drug lord," and I thought...

... that maybe I should take a 
little more time, a little more effort...

... and give this moment in the film its due. That's John's ol' "army buddy" Lee you see there, who's taken John in after another one of his ne'er-do-well scrapes -- five seconds after this scene, and I do mean five seconds later, Lee will be gunned down in the living-room of his house by the aforementioned drug lord's thugs...

... because John needs Something To Fight For, of course. 
And what better thing to fight for...

 ... than the man you love???
I've never actually seen the whole of Steel Justice but I'm pretty sure if you put a piece of paper in front of me I could write down what happens in Steele Justice without breaking a sweat.

I've seen enough Steele Justices in my life to know!

Still, having grown up in the 80s I've got a 
soft spot the size of Vietnam for these 
cluelessly queer macho-macho muscle fests.

Especially ones that know how to wink back.

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