Friday, March 29, 2019

Good Morning, World

Just shows to go ya how bad I am at keeping up with most everything until you slap a half-naked somebody in front of me -- apparently our boy Alexander Fehling (who's celebrating his 38th birthday today) has a German-language series that's on Amazon Prime called Beat about a techno club promoter party man who lives an excessive  life of excess; have any of you watched it? I will be watching it. Besides that this year Alexander is also in Terrence Malick's new film Radegund opposite Matthias Schoenaerts and August Diehl so you better bet that I am looking forward to those red-carpets. Stand close and hug a lot, fellas!

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Adrian C said...

I enjoyed Beat quite a bit, although it got a bit bonkers in the last episode. I mostly watched it because I have a huge crush on Jannis Niewöhner and he's naked in it.