Monday, March 18, 2019

Good Morning, World

Kind of embarrassed and ashamed that the tune I have stuck in my head right now as I proclaim, "Guess who's back!" is Eminem's song "Without Me" but then that's the appropriate sort of fey butch-ery to go with images of Garrett Hedlund's "tough guy" performance in Triple Frontier so I guess I'm on point after all. Does anybody else -- if you've watched the movie by now, that is -- feel like him and Charlie Hunnam should've traded roles? I mean it's a draw on which one of the two I more want to see playing a cage-fighter...

... but I think Charlie might've been a tad more convincing as one. (They always could have wrestled half-naked in the surf for it...) Of course Garrett wasn't supposed to be a successful one, so perhaps that feeling of it all being a little bit off was the point? Don't mind me, I'm still thinking through my thoughts about the film and probably should be barfing them out before my coffee on my first day back after several days off. Perhaps if I'm inspired I'll write more once I'm truly coherent... ha. Ha ha. Hahaha. Let's nobody hold their breaths on that one.

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