Thursday, March 07, 2019

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

... you can learn from:

The Favourite (2018)
Lady Sarah: Abigail has done this. She does not love you.
Queen Anne: Because how could anyone?
She wants nothing from me. Unlike you.
Lady Sarah: She wants nothing from you.
And yet somehow she is a lady. With 2000 a year,
and Harley sits on your knee most nights.
Queen Anne: I wish you could love me as she does!
Lady Sarah: You wish me to lie to you?
"Oh you look like an angel fallen from heaven, your majesty."
No. Sometimes, you look like a badger.
And you can rely on me to tell you.
Queen Anne: Why?
Lady Sarah: Because I will not lie! That is love!

Man, this bit of dialogue kills me. Never let anybody tell you that there isn't a great big beating heart of hurt and affection strapped beneath the bejeweled vajuju of this perfect movie. And Rachel Weisz, who's celebrating her 49th birthday today, is a big part of why. I hope that Yorgos casts her in everything he does because nobody hits his notes like she can -- nobody else has got the voice to turn his strange phrases into this liquid honey dreamily dripping down our ears. Blessings to her this happy day! 

And y'all know the movie finally hit blu-ray this week right? The movie itself is worth the price of admission and it looks glorious on the disc, but the special-features are good too, if slight -- there's a terrific "Making Of" doc and several deleted scenes, all of which are as utterly hysterical as anything in the film itself. Check 'em out! (If you never read my original review of The Favourite do that here.)

In other Rachel  Weisz news she just announced a new movie today -- she's going to produce and star in an adaptation of the forthcoming book Lanny by Max Porter, which is out in May. The book is I guess a fantastical tale about a little boy who goes missing in a small town an hour outside of London, involving a mythical creature in the woods called "Dead Papa Toothwort." One assumes that Rachel will be playing the boy's mother and not a character called "Dead Papa Toothwort" but who knows, these are crazy days...

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