Monday, March 04, 2019

Eat the Young

On Friday I told you about a Melvil Poupaud film that was screening over the weekend as part of FSLC's "Rendez-vous with French Cinema" series here in NYC -- well reader Roger was kind enough to alert me to Melvil's next vehicle of note, and believe you me, it's some note!

The film is called Golden Youth and it stars a mustachioed Melvil 
and oh right did I mention...

... Isabelle fucking Huppert!
Yes, that Isabelle Huppert! Judging by the trailer they're some sort of sexy swingers sucking the youth slash something-or-other from a group of hip young folks, although it's hard not to argue that these kids are the ones getting the good deal outta this sitch...
Anyway yes, there's a trailer, watch:

The movie came out in France in January so if any of you have seen it please, do tell. The rest of us will have to wait until who knows when. Such torment! Such exquisite...

... torment. Until then we'll make do with some gifs I made from the
 trailer of Melvil and his handsome co-stars, hit the jump for it...

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bdog said...

I cannot get enough of Isabelle Huppert. I saw Greta 2 days ago, she was amazing. This looks like fun.