Friday, February 22, 2019

Pop Goes the Yorgos

Yorgos Lanthimos is making a Western! His next film will be an adaptation of the 1964 Jim Thompson book Pop. 1280, which is about the psychotically murderous sheriff of a small-town. Well "Western" might be more in theory than in execution since I can't figure out where or when the book is set -- I have not read it. But it sounds right in his wheelhouse in that Wikipedia describes it as "a preposterously upsetting, ridiculously hilarious layer cake of nastiness, a romp through a world of nearly infinite deceit." That's a Yorgos! Do you think he'll hire his muse Colin Farrell again? That lead character sounds like a doozy. Let's get Colin Farrell his goddamned Oscar already! (Also fingers crossed for Yorgos this weekend.)


Anonymous said...

I've read most of Jim Thompson's books. Several were made into pictures (The Getaway, etc.). One of the great Noir-ist novelists - along with Patricia Highsmith, and the master Cornell Woolrich. Many of his novels take place in Texas/The West but at they time they were written. So, less likely a Western as you know it, more likely similar to The Last Picture Show setting. And it should be filmed in black and white.

Unknown said...

Pop. 1280 is like a comic version of The Killer Inside Me. Some sick Sh*t. I love it.