Friday, February 22, 2019

Pantys 2018 - Actor to Actor #8

Among many things we're doing this week as part of our "Golden Trousers" awards we're taking a look at our 20 favorite performances of 2018 -- how we're doing this is we randomly selected ten pairs of names from our list and then we're imagining a moment between the two characters chosen. Ten times. You can see our previous ones here but for now here's our eighth random pairing from our 2018 faves...

Antoine (Denis Ménochet) in Custody meets
Annie (Toni Collette) in Hereditary

Annie: I. Am. His. MOTHER.
Antoine: Oui, but I am his father...
Annie: Don't you take that TONE with me.
Antoine: Listen, lady...
Annie: Get that fucking FACE off your FACE, motherfucker.
Actually you know what let me just do that for you.
[walks over, rips his face off]

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