Monday, February 11, 2019

Overlord in 175 Words or Less

Feels scavenged from parts that were already pretty picked over by the time they were propped up the last time -- do a double-feature of Frankenstein's Army with Inglourious Basterds, with the trailer for Dead Snow stuck in-between grindhouse-style, and you'll be better off -- but Overlord has its moments. They come mostly in the places where the movie shows its budget off, a contrast to the lower-moneyed scale we usually watch these sorts of things working with -- they shot their wad on it showing too much of it off in their trailer but the single-shot mid-bombing parachute jump that opens the movie will grab you by the eyeballs and yank. Mostly feels too vacantly video-gamey though -- if this had been shot ten years ago it would've been "found footage" or "first person" probably. It would make a fun video-game too! I'd play it. But the performances stay firmly stock, with one exception -- the little French boy is a pip; I hope he gets more work!

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Petey said...

No love for John Magaro? He was good here, and reminded me of a young Peter Falk during his Pocketful of Miracles days.